Visiting AFC Shortlands

At AFC Shortlands, we take respect very seriously. As with our own community, we ask that when you’re visiting us:

  • You respect the players
    You will recognise that they are here to have fun, to learn, and to develop, and you will give them space to do that. This is a youth football club, and the players will make mistakes. When they do, you will offer them encouragement to try again next time.
  • You respect both teams
    You will celebrate effort and good play from both sides, and not engage in, or tolerate offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour.
  • You respect the referee
    You will not argue with decisions made by the referee, and you will encourage the players to do the same.
  • You respect the coaches
    You will recognise that the coaches are giving up their time to help the players learn and grow, and will do your best not to confuse the players by giving them different instructions.

Please recognise that if you do not adhere to this policy, we may have to ask you to leave, and in some circumstances, you could be obliged to undertake an FA education course.

Home ground

Queensmead Recreation Ground

Glassmill Lane, Bromley

Other locations

Harris Academy Beckenham

Manor Way, Beckenham