Player’s Charter

At AFC Shortlands, I will…

  • Have fun!
    I am incredibly lucky to get to play football with my friends every week, and I will try to enjoy it as much as possible
  • Work hard and try to play my best
    Even when things are difficult or frustrating, I will keep my head up and remember my own strengths and abilities
  • Encourage and support my teammates
    We all make mistakes, but I know it’s better when we help each other grow and develop, rather than criticise
  • Be fair, friendly, and play by the rules
    I will respect the game and the opposition, and I will always shake hands whether we win or lose
  • Respect the referee
    We might not always agree with the referee, but I will not crowd around them or argue with their decisions
  • Listen carefully to my coaches
    I know they trying to help me and the team learn and improve, and I will pay attention to what they say
  • Try to tell someone I trust if I’m unhappy
    Football is better when we are happy and comfortable, and if I have a problem I will let someone know

I understand that if I do not, I may…

  • Be asked to apologise if I’ve upset someone
  • Be told to sit out of training
  • Be taken out of a game

My friends & family will…

  • Respect me
    They recognise that I am here to have fun, to learn, and to develop, and they will give me space to do that.
  • Respect my team
    When my teammates and I make mistakes, they will offer us encouragement to try again next time.
  • Respect the opposition
    They will celebrate effort and good play from both sides, and not engage in, or tolerate offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour.
  • Respect the referee
    They will not argue with decisions made by the referee, and they will encourage me to do the same.
  • Respect the coaches
    They recognise that the coaches are giving up their time to help me learn and grow, and they will do their best not to confuse me by giving me different instructions.

They understand that if they do not, they may…

  • Be given a verbal warning or asked to leave
  • Be required to meet with a club or league welfare officer
  • Be obliged to undertake an FA education course